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Handy dan Mba

Hello sir, I have come very respectfully to a request to join the clubs. My name is mba handy dan i am 19 years old and i am international hope gabonese sir the reason why i want to join your team is that i heard about your team and the coach in particular and the family spirit that you have the breasts of the club I like it. Unfortunately if I tell you that I am the most experienced player or the most talented would be lying to you but sir I have enough determination in me that you will not regret if you give me a chance I am ready to work very hard to reach the levels that you will expect from me sir.I thank you for your understanding and I convey my sincere respect nb: you can see my video on YouTube at the following link https: //

Libreville, Estuaire, Gabon
02 Jan 20 - 12:41