american college football placement

Hello how are you I am looking for flying amateur footballers to live the American dream to play in the American university for free thanks to a scholarship or a price did you know that every year of thousand of South American, of Europeans profit from this opportunity but not African then I work with several American university which seeks footballers, you do not need to have a great career you just need the talent and the determination and of course the professional baccalaureate or other equivalent, the good players do not will pay nothing at all the universities will finance everything and the others will have a good reduction, you would have the possibility to integrate why not a very large university such as stamford or yale just with your football talent and after you will participate in the draft mls to play professional it's a second chance to realize your dream that I offer you the american university championship and broadcast on television and the participants are stars, so if you are under 24 and you want to live the American dream send me an introductory email then we can work together to recruit the next sure season email: here are some pictures of american university sports stadiums

08 jul 20 - 23:20