I am an experienced and Passionate Football Coach and Director. I have worked on several Countries Football federations and Top Clubs at Technical Position.
I am interested in the position of "Head of Education" very much.
My Football Coaching Philosophy,
1. Never give up play until the end.
2. Fun to watch Football. Fun to play Football.
3. Play Football with Identity and Cooperatively.
Those points are very important factors and the pillars of my Football Philosophy.
I can train and improve the players with those contents in the daily training. And I have confidence that they will develop surely.
So in conclusion, I would like to tell you my Strong points are I can lead the Team, Players, and Coaches from Youth to Professional. There is no perfect ever-victorious Method. Therefore, every person must be sweat and carry out to the finish. That is a minimum base. It's not a way of something else. I can design for your Organization an Order Made Methodology and to develop it for the Players, Coaches, and Organization.

Sincerely yours,

Global Football Coach / Mentor

Chiba City, Tiba [Chiba] , Japão
07 Dez 18 - 07:29